Friday, February 1, 2008

The Uninformed

I'm addicted. I need to be in the know! Constantly.

I'm sitting here right now, middle of the day, I just checked my news sites. In between classes! A total of 4 sites I combed through for the second time today, the first being just 3 hours ago. News changes. And it's at my fingertips.

When I go home I'll do it again. And I'll read the newspaper...albeit very quickly, as all the news in it by the time I get home will be old. On Saturdays I'll listen to the replays of a local talk radio show with who's host's (Marty Gold) opinion I've come to love listening to.

You see the Internet allows that. It also allows other things.

As I write this, I look around and I'd say half of the people in this computer lab are on Facebook. I know many friends and people my age who don't even vote. Fuck, I wonder if they even know which party is in power or what a "Parliament" is. Let alone read a newspaper or ANYTHING.

I think this is an offshoot of "consumer religion." I think I'm also going to check if I'm the one coining that phrase. Consumer religion...not only are people not paying attention to where their tax dollars are going to, who's the mayor, or what's happening globally, but are turned into uninformed citizens. They're in the know...but not in the know of things they should be in the know of.

An unexpected tangent in the digital age? Imagine what people did before Facebook. How did they spend their time? If someone spends 1 hour a day on Facebook, what used to take the place of that hour? Add in text messaging, and MSN...mindless purposeless tasks, add up to eat time out of your day, making you a less-informed person.

Maybe even an uncaring person. One not paying attention, and one even without desire to pay attention.

Shouldn't people be aware of what's going on around them? The powers that control how they live their lives? An entire generation of people, unaware of the forces at work, influencing their spending habits and dictating what they should believe in and what they pay attention to? Is that not reason enough to keep yourself engaged in what's happening around you? Or to you? Is a search for truth relevant anymore?

Have the powers that dictate this consumer culture sold people on the idea that the truth is not important anymore? Perhaps there is a deeper reason why there seems to be a lack of desire to learn the truth.

Man, who can I talk to about local politics? The guy who cuts my hair, that's about it. And my mom, and my neighbor. NOBODY IN MY DEMOGRAPHIC! Drives me nuts. I think this also creates a lack of desire to improve oneself, in favour of indulging in said tasks as well as partaking in a seemingly daily ritual to watch the latest trendy TV shows and movies. It's entertainment overload. The more you get accustomed to having, and to using, the more and more becomes a necessity in life. You need more and more and more. It's self perpetuating.

This is my demographic.

The uninformed.

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