Monday, January 28, 2008


My mind isn't necessarily blank, but more or less a mashing of thoughts, all of which I can't put my finger on to write something coherant.

I suppose they all come together at one point. Today I was thinking about how much land there is...area wise...that is untouched and unaffected by human activities. I'm sure pretty much all of the United States is affected...A lot of Canada too. Very few places.

Just think about's quite overwhelming. Any area that is "affected" might include a park that seems as if it's unaffected, but just from the proximity to a city (or something similar) or maybe there is activity going around this hypothetical park. At any rate, any large animal that requires a lot of land, would be removed from this system.

An example would be Assiniboine Forest here in Winnipeg, where, surrounded by the city and houses and highways and shopping malls, seems like an oasis at first. It is a large tract of land...but is devoid of major predators and other animals that require lots of land.

This is how we are affecting the earth. We are quite literally changing the way the world works. We're changing patterns of how things interact and work with each other.

The world only seems like a big place.

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